This ceremony is for the couples wanting to elope or just to make their union legal in a fast manner and have a party with their families later or no party at all!
Strictly confidential and same day appointments available.
Just bring your marriage license and get married in 5-15 minutes!
Ceremony includes:

Signage of Marriage License (Mailing to Parish Clerk's Office is included).
Exchange of Vows/Rings (Always optional).
15 minutes after ceremony to take pictures...
You are required to have 2 witnesses (per Louisiana law).
Space is available up to 10 people max. (Including couple)
This is a basic pre-written ceremony.  No processional or recessional. 

This wedding elopement ceremony is typically done at my home, but can be done at your home, or in a park, etc. for an extra $10.00 


At my home:  $75.00

At your location: $85.00


Minister / Officiant