The name your loved one puts on the I-60 is Douglas O. Morgan.
Pricing starts at $225 (Barry Telford Unit)
$75 non-refundable deposit due upon warden approval. (the deposit is part of the fee. So if the fee is $225 and you pay the $75 deposit, then the balance due the day of the ceremony would be $150)
If Unit is over 175 miles from zip code 71112, then an additional amount will be added to the price for a motel room. 
Follow this checklist to make sure everything is done.
If you are getting married in prison, go to the TDCJ Directive for the info you will need.
Obtain marriage license as soon as you have approval from the warden.
Find The Unit Chaplain and let them know.
The exchange of wedding rings is not allowed.
Only the intended spouse (you) and the officiant are allowed at the ceremony. You may not bring anyone else inside with you.
As soon as you find out the date from the prison Chaplain, let me know so I can block off the date.
The remainder of the balance due MUST BE paid the day of the wedding.
Please let me know if you are CONTACT VISIT ELIGIBLE.
Outline of Directive
1) Marital status--In order for a new spouse to be substituted for a currently listed spouse on the Family Tracking Page or the offender's approved Visitors List, a death certificate or divorce decree must be submitted to the unit inmate records supervisor.
2) The Officiant (any licensed person) has to submit "Application of Person Requesting to Perform a Marriage" to the "Access to Courts" headquarters a seek before the ceremony. (I am already approved)
3) Free world intended spouse has to obtain the marriage license, arrange for the officiant, pay the officiant and make all other necessary arrangements.
4) Former employees and ex-offenders have to be reviewed.
5) Offender must be eligible for visits
6) There is plenty of paperwork to fill out, including the I-60 
7) Warden will be responsible for allowing any marriage. They have the final say so.
8) If the intended spouse (meaning you) is not on the visiting list, the application will be denied.
9) Each unit shall provide two non-visitation workdays per month for marriage. Any exceptions shall be made on a case-by case basis by the warden

I am an approved minister for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  Pricing starts at $225.00 (Barry Telford Unit).  For pricing at other units, please contact me. 

Marrying an inmate can be a bit overwhelming, with all of the extra paperwork involved.  I have done many of these weddings in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System (TDCJ).  If you are not sure how to get the process started, please contact me and I will be happy to walk you through the process. 

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Minister / Officiant

Click HERE for the TDCJ Directive on Prison Weddings